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Check out the HAE Wish Tree, comprised of messages intended to raise awareness and show support for the HAE community.
The HAE Wish Tree is comprised entirely of messages submitted by the HAE community, helping to build a picture of hope for those living with this rare condition.

I hope for faster diagnosis for anyone with a rare disease

Hope that day to day life becomes normal and predictable

I wish children to come do not have to ever feel the way I have had to! I hope education and research endeavors.

That your life can be more predictable

Wishes for a swell free day, today and every day.

A life without discomfort

I wish that all patients suffering from HAE will have access to modern and life saving therapies!

To go anywhere

Long, happy and healthy life

I wish for your symptoms to resolve quickly so that you are able to spend more time with your family & friends.

I wish for a healthy an happy life for my family an I that has HAE. May God help us live longer an find a cure. This wish is for my aunt, my daughter, an my cousins.

My wish for the HAE community is quick and accurate diagnosis

Inspiration and strength to master daily challenges

I wish that more doctors were educated about HAE III. This would eliminate the feeling of helplessness.

Delight in the simple treasures of life. Savor each day for the gift that it is symptom free.

They will get better

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