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Check out the HAE Wish Tree, comprised of messages intended to raise awareness and show support for the HAE community.
The HAE Wish Tree is comprised entirely of messages submitted by the HAE community, helping to build a picture of hope for those living with this rare condition.

I wish for a cure!

I wish patients of HAE to be symptom free!

Wishing for a cure

A life full of sunshine, love, and happiness

I wish that more doctors were educated about HAE III. This would eliminate the feeling of helplessness.

That your life can be more predictable

Please, better diagnostics for people with type II, type III, and idiopathic angioedema!

I wish a life of happiness, success and understanding so I can gain knowledge in the things that challenge me

I wish for a healthy an happy life for my family an I that has HAE. May God help us live longer an find a cure. This wish is for my aunt, my daughter, an my cousins.

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the HAE community...we're with you.

I wish for a healthy and happy lifestyle

I wish that this disease ends with me and that my three beautiful and talented children are able to skip this disease and live a life free of rare disease stigma.

To go anywhere

I wish for a stress and symptom free life for all the HAE family.

I wish for all patients with angioedema to have access to therapy. Roxana Voica, MD

I wish children to come do not have to ever feel the way I have had to! I hope education and research endeavors.

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