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Check out the HAE Wish Tree, comprised of messages intended to raise awareness and show support for the HAE community.
The HAE Wish Tree is comprised entirely of messages submitted by the HAE community, helping to build a picture of hope for those living with this rare condition.

Wishing that HAE will be defeated one day !

I wish for a cure!

I wish that more doctors were educated about HAE III. This would eliminate the feeling of helplessness.

A life of fulfillment and happiness

They will get better

To go anywhere

Wishing happiness to my friends in the HAEA

Wishing those who are suffering receive a faster diagnosis then those before them

A life without discomfort

Wishing all of those with HAE had a caring doctor like mine

I wish for all patients with angioedema to have access to therapy. Roxana Voica, MD

Wishes for a swell free day, today and every day.

Wishing a life of happiness!

I love my life, and I have excepted that HAE is apart of my life forever. But I just wish I could have a normal life like everyone else. I wish people wouldn't take their healthy life for granted.

That there will be a cure during our lifetime-and that NO-ONE will have to live with or suffer with this any longer.

My wish is for everyone who has HAE to know that no matter how scary, alone or confusing this road may're never actually alone. You're stronger than you'll ever know & you got this!

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