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Check out the HAE Wish Tree, comprised of messages intended to raise awareness and show support for the HAE community.
The HAE Wish Tree is comprised entirely of messages submitted by the HAE community, helping to build a picture of hope for those living with this rare condition.

Wishes for a swell free day, today and every day.

Hope that day to day life becomes normal and predictable

Wishes for lovely and well managed life

A life full of sunshine, love, and happiness

I wish those living with this condition knew how amazing, inspirational and strong they are to those of us who don't have HAE. Every day my co-worker shows how amazing she is!

That your life can be more predictable

Continue to stay positive

A life of fulfillment and happiness

Awareness, understanding and love for all who are challenged with this everyday.

I wish for a cure!

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the HAE community...we're with you.

That there will be a cure during our lifetime-and that NO-ONE will have to live with or suffer with this any longer.

A life of health and happiness

Inspiration and strength to master daily challenges

Live life to the max!

I wish for a healthy and happy lifestyle

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